Permanent Public Installation by Clemens Behr

Clemens Behr just finished his first permanent public installation ‘Open AC’ in Sicily. The artwork takes its inspiration from the roundabout where it’s located, next to one of the main entrances of the city Ragusa. Adapting the work to the urban context and the shape of the traffic circle and reusing the components of a disused aeration system, the Berlin artist replaces the previous artwork realized for the 2018 edition.

‘I started from a simple shape, a circle, a symbol that may express a roundabout, a city, a community, a series of concentric circles that faces all the possible meanings that the viewers can give, once they are inside this open circles. I have used the recycled elements of a dismissed AC System, giving a new function to these discarded materials. The title’s reference goes to the very windy place where the sculpture is located and obviously to the climate topics we are facing at the moment, but it can be extended to the necessity to be connected with the nature, a simple plant that suggest the possible direction to redevelop the place.’

Photography by Clemens Behr