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Mini Galerie confirms to the Gallery Fair Practice Code.

The code
The gallery concerned will record the relationship between gallery and artist in writing, including agreements about the duration of the agreement, prices and any discounts. Other possible topics to record in this document are: monitoring and evaluation of the agreements, targets of both parties (for example, with regard to visibility abroad), the relationship with a second gallery, agreements about the settlement of possible discounts, about assignments from third parties, or the settlement of other costs such as transport, photography, insurance or construction of an exhibition.

The artist remains the owner of his work until full payment has been made to the gallery, with the exception of secondary trade. This also applies in case of bankruptcy and/or seizure of the gallery.

The gallery will pay the artist the full artist’s share of the sales price agreed with the customer within 60 days of the sale of his work, accompanied by the name and address details of the buyer, and a copy of the invoice.

Unsold works of art in the management of the gallery must be returned to the artist at all times and within one month if requested.

The relationship between galleries may be one of competition and competition, but must be loyal in all respects to the interests of the artist involved, in the event that several galleries represent the same artist. In the event that a gallery works exclusively with an artist, thus acting as a ‘mother gallery’ for this artist, and another gallery wishes to organize an exhibition with this artist, the parties involved must make written agreements about the conditions under which an exhibition can take place. take place (see appendix for an NGA sample contract).

The gallery is deemed to be expert and professional and to maintain this expertise and professional competence.

The gallery guarantees the authenticity of the work it sells.* In the event that it is established that a work is inauthentic in the opinion of a recognized independent party, the gallery owner will take back the work and refund the amount paid by the customer for this. paid refund.

A gallery states its objectives, programme, working method and artist file on its website.

A gallery is expected to follow the Fair Practice code (fairpracticecode.nl) in its actions, which offers, among other things, a guarantee against transgressive behavior within the gallery or outside it.

Terms and conditions
In using minigalerie.nl you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that are displayed on this page. Please review these terms and conditions as upon entering minigalerie.nl constitutes your agreement to follow and abide by these terms. If you choose to deny these terms and conditions please do not use minigalerie.nl.


Contact Information
Company name: Mini Galerie
VAT nr: NL002198631B06
K.v.K.: 56236247
Year founded: 2012

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 8
1053 RT Amsterdam


Prices + Payment
Prices as stated on the website are inclusive VAT, as well as inclusive other enforced levies as stipulated by the authorities. The prices are exclusive shipping costs.

Mini Galerie accept payment with bank transfer and PayPal. PayPal allows secure payment from your bank account or PayPal credit. You can also opt to pay using banktransfer.

Payment through PayPal can be made to: info@minigalerie.nl
Payment with bank transfer can be made to: J.H. van der Meer, Mini Galerie

Bank: Rabobank, Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB, Utrecht, NL
IBAN: NL53 RABO 0147 2896 31

Mini Galerie and/or the artist stays the full owner of all delivered artworks until the payment and other due amounts are fully complied.

Price Changes
Mini Galerie reserves the right to change prices of the artworks. The prices of the artworks will, during the time of placing an order, be valid throughout that specific process. We however take reservations for typing errors.



All photos and images visible on minigalerie.nl are protected by copyright. Without written permission of Mini Galerie, the images and photos may not be published or distributed.

We respect the privacy of all users of this site and ensure that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. We use your information to process requests as quickly and easily as possible. Other than that, we will only use personal information with your consent. We will not sell your information. We will only share your personal information with third parties that are involved in processing your request. Our employees and our associated companies are obliged to protect the confidentiality of your data.

Your personal information is safe with us. We appreciate the trust you place in us and we will therefore treat your information very carefully. Your data will always be protected and kept confidential.

If you have any questions about our Privacy policy, please send an e-mail to info@minigalerie.nl

Governing Law
Contracts between the trader and the consumer, to which these general terms and conditions apply, are strictly governed by Dutch law.

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