Clemens Behr at FestiWall Sicily

Berlin-based artist Clemens Behr is included in this year’s edition of the Sicilian public art festival – FestiWall – in the city of Ragusa together with other international artists including Alexey Luka and Hense. Behr’s two installations for the festival are characterised by the use of an assemblage of materials, his inclination towards improvisation and desire for exploration of space. Both works are large scale collage-like abstract installations, which posses both the qualities of a painting and that of a 3D sculpture.

Behr’s works are influenced heavily by the architectural surroundings they are created in, and are composed of found materials such as cardboard, tape, plastic bags, cut wood, neon and other scrap objects. In combining these objects to create a composition, Behr aims to skew the perspectives and transform the landscape that the work finds itself in. The perception of the installation is constantly in a state of alteration due to both the position from which the viewer observes it and also his action. These elements give his work a sense of incompleteness but also hold the anticipation of what could happen and what is possible.

Photography by Clemens Behr