Studio Visit Nazif Lopulissa

In preparation for our presentation at Art Rotterdam next week, we visited Nazif Lopulissa in his large studio in Rotterdam, as he and his assistants were working on a new series of paintings and two new steel sculptures.

His studio was filled with paintings from his new series Catching Lights, which he started just a few months ago. As the title of the series suggests, these new paintings are all about playing with light and catching the surroundings. Nazif Lopulissa mentioned that even the making of each artwork is some type of play; it is all about the process. He follows the canvas and this creates the compositions.

Nazif Lopulissa’s works are always in some way inspired by children’s playgrounds, in particular the abstract forms and structures that you often come across there. Their design is all about the right balance between freedom, safety and control. In the new Catching Lights series he is searching for the perfect balance between the contrasting colours and the way in which these colours effortlessly flow into each other.

While polishing and cleaning his new steel sculptures, Nazif Lopulissa told us more about the objects – one is the interior shape, the other the exterior. They both function as art objects and interactive furniture, much like the objects you see in the playground; a concept that he has been exploring now for quite some time.

Art Rotterdam takes place at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam from 30 June until 4 July. Alongside works from Nazif Lopulissa Mini Galerie will present works from Liesbeth Piena and Line Busch at the fair.

Photography by Pierre Zylstra