Studio Visit Job Wouters

Mini Galerie is delighted to be a part of Eindhoven’s Dutch Design Week with a new solo exhibition by Job Wouters titled Figurative writing/octopi. Taking over Kelderman en Van Noort, an exhibition space in the north of the city, Mini Galerie will present new works by Line Busch, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Liesbeth Piena, Cody Hudson, Jeroen Erosie, Louis Reith, B.D. Graft ánd Job Wouters. In preparation for his first solo show with the gallery we visited him in his studio in Amsterdam.

Job Wouters is a typographical designer based in Amsterdam. “Everything you experience as a youngster is important to who you become as an adult”. With a background in graphic design, and the alphabet as his ever-present muse, Wouters chose to leave the confines of digital typeface and experiment with letter forms through paint. Through dedicated training and practice, and drawing from his youth in graffiti, he became a pioneer of the revived handmade lettering movement, and continues to explore and evolve his penmanship.

Now in a new training phase, Wouters works to expand the alphabet into a vast figurative universe, where the whole world becomes his subject. Figurative writing/octopi is a series of 18 original works on paper which serve as documentation of this new visuality.

Figurative writing/octopi will take place at KEVN (Kelderman en Van Noort), Galileistraat 2 in Eindhoven, from the 22nd-30th October. The exhibition opens on Friday the 21st of October, 18.00-20.00h.

Text by Alicia Hansen
Photography by Chloë Alyshea + Moky Okay