Making Of RWG Sculpture by Zedz

RWG, Robot with Guns, is a new limited edition series by the Dutch artist Zedz, that will exclusively be released by Mini Galerie. The series includes 10 handmade wooden sculptures, all hand painted and crafted from the same piece of hardwood. The sculptures are each available for individual purchase.

The sculptures exhibit the artist’s iconic geometric line work, yet whilst this series can be seen as another 3D extension of Zedz’ talent, it simultaneously invites the viewer to take a more philosophical approach. The project grew out of a fascination with the mechanics and design of children’s toys and robots, and their playful nature resonates with Zedz’ own graffiti practice. In play, it is our own imagination that dictates our fictional realities, and toys are often the objects with which we enact those hidden fantasies. Nothing seemed to spark our fantasies more than the idea of the robot, that walking talking childhood companion. Yet when we look at the ever-advancing field of robotics, we start to question whether we’re still the ones in control? 15 years ago, Zedz created a print including the statement “robots are all around us and robots are controlling the system”. With RWG, Zedz has created a physical embodiment of this very dilemma. Are we all still playing, or are we the ones being played?

The RWG sculpture series will launch on Friday the 11th of December 12.00 CET here.

Photography by Pierre Zylstra
Text by Alicia Hansen