Zedz on Yuguang Island, Taiwan

Zedz is a Dutch visual artist who lives and works between Milan and Tokyo. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1998 but has been making graffiti art since even before that. His current work is still reminiscent of the ‘writing culture’ and other elements of graffiti, however, he is exploring new mediums to work in. Recently he has created an installation on Yuguang Island, Taiwan, with the Sonder Foundation.

The Sonder Foundation was founded in 2016 after a collaboration of two friends with a shared passion for diverse artistic expression. The initiative focuses on “creating great opportunities for artists to showcase their art, as well as to serve as a bridge to invite them to interact and learn from different art cultures and backgrounds”. They also aim to reach art lovers all over the world and connect them with exciting new artists. The founding members constantly travel the world, taking advantage of their global network of spaces and artists, to find the best showcasing opportunities possible. Zedz’ latest work with the Sonder Foundation can best be described as a “crossover between graffiti and its dimensional environment (architecture)”. The “paperfold sculptures relate to the human scale” and act as a public intervention into the space.