Pablo Tomek at Palais de Tokyo

As of December 2016 multiple monumental paintings by French artist Pablo Tomek can be seen on the arches of Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Tomek’s interventions are part of the seventh Lasco Project, the urban arts programme of Palais de Tokyo curated by Hugo Vitrani.

In 2012 Palais de Tokyo initiated Lasco Project to showcase interventions by internationally renowned graffiti artists – such as Boris Tellegen, Vhils and Horfee, just to name a few – in the subterranean passages of its building. Apart from Tomek’s paintings, Philippe Baudelocque refurbished a monumental staircase for Lasco Project #7.

Photography by Aurélien Mole

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-016

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-045

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-036

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-011

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-009

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-025

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-033

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-012

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-013

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-010

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-014

PdT 2016-Pablo Tomek-046

‘Workmen spread whitewash – a chalk-based paint, diluted with water – over the windows to hide from curious eyes. This practice is characterised by the energetic movements of arms and the traces of the sponges that are used. Such anonymous paintings can be encountered by chance in the streets: some are opaque, others less so, some movements are vigorous and aggressive, others made more slowly, producing softer and almost relaxing forms.’ (Pablo Tomek)