Endlessness by Merijn Hos

Once a year, the School of Visual Arts in Utrecht invites a successful ex-student to either curate or hold a solo exhibition at the Academiegalerie. Having graduated from the institution in 2004, Merijn Hos (Enschede 1978) holds this year’s invitation. The exhibition, titledĀ Endlessness, marks the illustrator and visual artist’s first solo show in his hometown.

The title of the exhibition is a tribute to Hos’ way of life, characterized by a restless energy and drive to live in the now. ‘I do what I like in the moment and I do it with full dedication and passion, which gives me a feeling like it never ends, flowing from one thing into another. Endlessness’ (Hos). On display is a collection of giclee prints, installation works and motion imagery that all play with this feeling of endlessness, of embracing life and living it to the fullest.

Serving also as a ‘homage to ignorant students’, Hos’ exhibition demonstrates the attitude he believes got him through art school. A reminder to students that, when it comes to art, it is best to trust your impulses and follow your creative energy rather than limit yourself to institutional expectations.

The exhibition is on show at theĀ Academiegalerie till 21 October 2017.

Image courtesy Merijn Hos