From the 1st of January 2017 Mini Galerie offers clients the possibility to purchase an artwork with the KunstKoop supported by the Mondriaan Fund. So, have you fallen in love with an artwork from one of Mini Galerie’s artists, but instead of paying at once you would like to pay in monthly installments? Then the KunstKoop is something for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. 100% art, 0% interest. Acquire your favourite artwork with the KunstKoop and pay in monthly installments, without any interest.
  2. Warning for international collectors! The KunstKoop is only available for individuals based in The Netherlands (age 18-75).
  3. The Kunstkoop can be used for all artworks, seen in the gallery or on our website, with a minimum price of € 750.
  4. Purchasing an artwork with the KunstKoop requires a minimum downpayment of 10%, paid directly to the gallery, with a maximum of € 450.
  5. Take art home and pay via monthly installments over a maximum period of three years, with a minimum month installment of € 22,50.
  6. For each artwork the maximum loan is € 7.500. You ought to cover any additional costs.
  7. The loan is provided by the ABN AMRO bank. The interest is financed by the Mondriaan Fund. The ABN AMRO bank decides whether the loan is approved.
  8. Example: The artwork you love is priced € 1.200. Pay a downpayment of € 120 directly to the gallery. Fill in the form of the KunstKoop and pay the remaining amount in monthly installments of € 30 over a period of three years. The artwork is yours!
  9. Please contact Julia van der Meer at info@minigalerie.nl for any further questions about the KunstKoop.