Interventions by Graphic Surgery in Cerbère

Last month Graphic Surgery travelled to France to participate in the seventh edition of Le Moindre Est Fort (Manifestation d’art public) organized by George K. Zenove and Karine Vonna Zürcher of the Shandynamiques agency. The festival took place in Cerbère, a small French Catalonian town situated close to the border of Spain, and best known for its busy border railway station Gare de Cerbère.

For this year’s edition the people from Shandynamiques invited artists, such David Blasco, Guillome Fosse, Marine Provost, iF collectiF, Darder ses rayons and of course the guys from Graphic Surgery to create site-specific artworks all around town. During a week-long residency Graphic Surgery painted a total of nine minimal interventions at various fascinating locations in Cerbère.