Décollage (2021) by Pablo Tomek

Mini Galerie is proud to present Décollage I-III (2021), three exclusive artworks that Pablo Tomek created especially for the gallery. By using a variety of techniques to produce these works, including photography, screen printing and a transfer system, the artworks are very layered and in essence refer to the ripped posters that you often see on the streets.

Pablo Tomek was born in 1988 in Paris. Originating in graffiti, which he practises experimentally and illegally with his group PAL the French artist is surrounded in an aura of mystery. His first experiences with art took place outside of art academies, but in the street as a self-taught graffiti artist. In the studio, the artist has taken his practice further: he now examines the bonds between the heritage of graffiti and abstract expressionistic painting, while also misappropriating the techniques and aesthetics of manual work with a thought provoking and poignant practice which includes painting, murals, experimental publications and installations.

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