ANNEX at Concordia

From the 8th September to the 25th November you can visit Concordia in Enschede (NL) to view the collaborative exhibition ANNEX featuring three artists: Akay, Jeroen Erosie and Boris Tellegen. All three artists have a strong base in graffiti and are prominent in the scenes of Sweden and The Netherlands. The exhibition discusses what graffiti is, what it can be and it explores the elements that define the genre, such as the strong, personal visual language and use of public space.

The exhibition was co-curated by Petra Boonstra, the visual arts programmer at Concordia, and Jord Schoppink, with a shared vision to explore the power of expression of the image. They met at the AKI (art academy Enschede) and together assembled a group of artists who were prominent in the graffiti scene of the time  and who still have that visual power in their current work.

Schoppink says, “Every one of these artists is developing to this day, the destination is unknown. A constant search with countless experiments in medium, form and concept. A process that, just like the graffiti culture, is constantly in motion and continues to reinvent itself.”

Furthermore, he added, “The fascination for the three artists in ANNEX comes from the shared background that they have while they grew up in completely different places. In addition, it is three artists who found their own path within a creative culture where the approach to graffiti was very traditional at the time. They have all found their own way to keep a relationship with graffiti”. The title is derived from this idea; “Annex”, something that belongs to something else but is inextricably linked.

Photography by Ralph Roelse and Jeroen Erosie